The objectives of the ATC

The objectives of the Association are to:

Promote the interests and use of translation companies who are members

  • Promote and further the interests of the translating profession generally
  • Promote, publish and enforce a Code of Professional Conduct for its members
  • Arbitrate in matters concerning members and clients
  • Establish, maintain and promote the adoption of rigorous quality systems by its members
  • Ensure that the interests of those purchasing translations are protected by ensuring that its members carry full professional indemnity insurance
  • Promote co-operation among members and others within the translation profession
  • Publish information about the translation profession and matters of interest to translation purchasers
  • Promote greater use of professionally-produced translations by those seeking to sell and communication worldwide

The Association provides specific information to translation buyers about members' specialities; speaks with authority to Government on matters concerning the translation profession; provides information and assistance to business, industry and members of the public who wish to use the services of a translation company.

Translation companies - whatever their size - are eligible to join the Association. For further information, complete and submit our email application form on the ‘Membership Application’ page. The main criteria to be met by potential members is that the translation work produced must be of the highest standard.



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