Henry Clough

Henry Clough is the founder of Asian Absolute, an LSP providing specialist Asian language services to many ATC members and to elearning companies worldwide.

He managed his first elearning localisation project ten years ago under strict instructions that each segment of translated text should be copied and pasted manually into the course files, and has since then helped numerous elearning providers and corporate clients to increase efficiency and quality through intelligent workflows and project management. The copy and paste process is now consigned to the dustbin of history.

Asian Absolute completes elearning localisation projects every week through its production sites in Europe, the Americas and Asia, handling the integration, engineering and testing and covering all languages – from the relatively simple FIGS to the more challenging right-to-left languages such as Arabic, and those with complex scripts and line-break conventions such as Japanese and Thai.

Having spent many years living in Hong Kong and Beijing, Henry speaks fluent Mandarin (and rusty Cantonese, French and German). He is a closet techy who constantly torments our designers and engineers in his attempts to keep up to date with technology.

Henry is based in Melbourne, Australia and travels regularly to Asian Absolute’s worldwide offices.



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