ATC Certification presents: An overview of ISO 18587 on Post-editing of Machine Translation Output

Cost: £15 for ATC members and £30 for non-members + VAT

Tuesday 14 November 2017 at 15.00 UK time (GMT)

This 60 minute webinar, led by the ATC Certification’s Julia Fontana and Raisa McNab, will present an overview of the recently published international standard ISO 18587, which defines requirements for post-editing machine translation output.

Machine translation has been a hot topic in the industry in recent years and more and more TSP’s apply machine translation and machine translation post editing workflows in their day-to-day translation processes.

The webinar will outline:

What is/ what is not covered in the scope of the standard and how it may apply to what you already do or perhaps would like to implement in the near futureOutline the communication and feedback best practices that will improve the quality of the output on a project-by-project basis and over timeShare practical tips and references on implementation, compliance and training

Come and join us for this webinar to find out more! You can sign up for the webinar by clicking on this link.




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