News that the Euro has tumbled against the Pound, hitting an 11-year low, has sparked concerns over the export potential for UK businesses, says the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).

News that the euro has tumbled against the pound hitting an 11-year low has sparked concerns over the export potential for UK businesses, according to the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).

The euro weakened to $1.1115 against the dollar last weekend, while the pound reached a seven-year high of €1.34.

Liz Elting is the co-founder and co-CEO of TransPerfect and TransPerfect's is a leading provider of software, website, and enterprise-wide localization services, as well as translation-related technology products.

Language is something many of us take for granted. We use it every day, and we can almost always find people who share the same languages as us. But that's not true of everyone.

In some parts of the world, there are only a few dozen people who still speak a language — or even only one person.


BEIJING: Amid China making a strong pitch for export of its bullet train technology to India and the world, Chinese officials said inadequate English language skills have become a serious disadvantage for the high-speed rail exports resulting in loss of a lucrative contract in Northern Europe.

The language-education company Rosetta Stone says 2015 will bring a technological tipping point in online language study, with more people for the first time taking courses on mobile devices than on desktop or laptop computers.

Friday, 02 January 2015 14:11

We must teach sign language in schools

I am 17 and have recently started a campaign, Let Sign Shine, aimed at ending the isolation of the deaf in society. My aim is to get sign language taught in schools, with the same respect and importance as languages such as French and Spanish.

Thursday, 18 December 2014 12:50

Visitor record at tcworld conference 2014

From November 11-13, the tcworld conference 2014 and tekom fair welcomed about 4100 participants and fair visitors from all over the world at the new venue at the ICS International Congress Center in Stuttgart.

memoQ 2014 R2 offers a wealth of productivity boosters for individual translators, translation teams, translation companies and other companies alike.

The Association of Translation Companies is making the news again.  This time its commentary on the adverse impact the UK's deficit in language skills, has found its way into Global Trader.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 15:18


LIND-Web,  the European Commission initiative, which compiles facts and figures about the EU language industry is seeking the support of all national associations making up the EUATC to take part in a Europewide industry survey. 


The BS ISO 13611 Community Interpreting has now been published by British Standards Institute. The new standard was developed with the active input of ATC members guided by the Association's representive Chris Cox.

Thursday, 04 December 2014 18:28

101 things a translator needs to know

Many of us remember how a hapless US Secretary of Defense was pilloried by the press and public opinion for the way he formulated his message about “known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns”. But the point he was endeavouring to make was both legitimate and important write Ian Hinchliffe and Andrew Evans, two members of the Wordlink Think Tank.


The pharmacy regulator is backing UK government proposals that could see pharmacists, including UK nationals, brought before a fitness-to-practise (FtP) hearing if his or her lack of proficiency in English poses a risk to patients. To Read more please click here

How can schools and communities better value and develop the skills of bilingual children?

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