The Arabic alphabet is beautiful, and contains many intricacies, Levent Yildizgoren of TTC wetranslate. Read on for details on Arabic typesetting for use in printed materials, from marketing brochures to highly specialised technical manuals.



Thursday, 16 October 2014 09:37

Lionbridge acquires Middleware

Last week Lionbridge announced that it acquired Clay Tablet, a supplier of software that integrates content management systems (CMSes) with translation processes and technology, Don DePalma (pictured), in a blog on Commonsense Advisory's Global Watch Tower . Lionbridge said that its new acquisition would operate as an independent company. We spoke separately with Clay Tablet founder and CEO Robinson Kelly and Lionbridge’s Chief Sales Officer Paula Shannon to find out what they’re planning.

As part of a new national curriculum, primary school children will now be given compulsory lessons in foreign languages, reinforcing the message from the All Party Parliamentary Group for Modern Languages and The Association of Translation Companies (ATC) that language skills are vital for the long-term prosperity of UK plc.

With hundreds of thousands of students stepping up to receive their GCSE results this Thursday, reports reveal a plummeting number of modern language entries, sparking concerns over the lack of recognition of the need for foreign language learning, says The Association of Translation Companies (ATC), costing the UK economy a staggering £48 billion a year.

Two Labour Members of Parliament have taken up the Association of Translation Companies' call for MPs to sign up to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Modern Languages' Manifesto for Languages.

Thursday, 14 August 2014 10:35

Can you own a language?

In its first-ever transparency report, the Wikimedia Foundation revealed a handful of odd stories about takedown requests sent to Wikipedia. Among the claims on public-domain books and monkey selfies was a curious request from 2012: that Wikipedia remove a page on the Tasmanian language palawa kani, because an aboriginal resources center owned the rights to the language itself.

Learning to sing or play a musical instrument can help disadvantaged children improve their reading skills, US research suggests.

After a year of music lessons, the reading scores of nine and 10-year-olds held steady compared to a dip seen in those who were not taught any music.

Monday, 04 August 2014 10:06


Exam boards are to be told to change French, German and Spanish A-level exams after an investigation into falling student numbers and not enough top grades being awarded, the regulator said.


Could smart drugs be the future for language learning? What are the moral and ethical implications of medically enhanced education?

When I chose to study French and Spanish at university, I thought I was taking one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a spy for MI6. I had visions of taking down drug cartels in Mexico and combating bribery and corruption in the French-speaking parts of Africa.


The Association of Translation Companies has been quoted in the online publication The Business Information Portal. Click HERE to read the article>

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 18:00

Mind the language gap

The following article quoting the Association of Translation Companies has been published in Health Business

NEW YORK, July 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Smartling today announced that VP of Marketing Nataly Kelly has been recognized by Direct Marketing News as a 40 Under 40 award winner for 2014.


In 1917, as America was drawn into the first world war, several glossaries of trench language were published by recruiting offices and newspapers.

As part of its revamp of the A-level curriculum, the government has launched a consultation on the way modern languages are taught at sixth form.



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