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New research by market research company fast.MAP has revealed that the French are twice as likely as British consumers to buy foreign goods direct from other countries, prompting the Association of Translation Companies to highlight fears over UK organisations missing out on global business as a result of a poor web presence.


According to the latest figures from the Department for Education, a record number of 1.1 million schoolchildren in the UK speak English as a second language.  In some parts of London such pupils make up nearly three-quarters of the proportion.

Working in a busy translation company with many large clients and multiple active projects in at least 6 different language pairs at once, many with very tight deadlines – it’s the life of a busy translation project manager, writes Scott Crystal of US-based ATC members American Translation Partners.


As the number of students studying languages falls, the value of immigration to the export sector must be recognised, says Geoffrey Bowden


Following the latest immigration figures published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) announcing the current stability of net migration, it is important to highlight the role played by immigration to the UK in reinforcing its diminishing language skills.

Speaking at the annual conference of the British Chamber of Commerce in London today Business Secretary Vince Cable called for UK businesses to take responsibility for making the economic recovery sustainable by increasing overseas trade.

This article was first publshed in the special Spring 2014 translation and localization supplement of ISTC Communicator

Following their attendance at the ATC's 2013 annual conference at Chelsea Football Club, James Valentine and Gerta Badde of Bedford Translations took the plunge and invested in MemSource's cloud-based technology. They shared their experiences in an article for ISTC Communicator.





Further advances to place greater emphasis on the exporting of UK goods and services was reiterated yesterday in chancellor, George Osborne’s Budget statement, echoing the growing importance of language skills required in the UK, says the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).

Sean Hopwood

Chiara Grassilli, founder of Translator Thoughts, the blog she founded in February 2013, interviews Sean Hopwood, founder of Day Translation. In the interview he speaks about his passion for languages and for providing his clients with an exceptional service. He describes the technology used for language services and how he was able to retain a human nature in a highly technological environment. He describes how he was able to put together a team that is located throughout the globe and how they can work together from different countries for a common mission: helping people around the world communicating more effectively, in any language.






In 2013 output was 2.02 million pages. Of this, 74% was done in-house and the rest by contractors. A page is 1,500 typed characters not including spaces.






The following article is reproduced from TC World, March 2014 edition

Teaching students how to transfer meaning from one language to another is not enough to prepare linguists for careers in technology-driven translation and localization. A new brand of industry-specific courses blends live instruction with cloud-based tools and social media.




According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2007, 55.4 million individuals (20% of the total 281 million) reported speaking a language other than English in their homes.  

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Don't get lost in translation

When looking to export, businesses should ensure that translation forms a key part of their marketing strategy. Without it, the strategy is doomed to failure.

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EUATC Conference presentations

The presentations from 9th EUATC conference, 'The language business tomorrow – towards a virtual future', which tool place in Juan Les Pins in the South of France in May 2014 are available to download from the EUATC website



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