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When we settle down to watch television, we might never think of what goes on behind the camera lens. It’s the reason why you’re probably not aware there’s an exciting and growing demand for language service providers to provide a range of services for media production companies.

According our latest annual market survey , the global expansion of Netflix into 130 countries in 2016 could have seen Netflix’s volume of translations increase by 300%.

The Federation of Small Businesses’s latest economic survey makes interesting – if gloomy – reading as a record number of UK SMEs say they are planning to close down or sell up because of weakening demand since the Brexit vote.

The UK’s language services industry grew by 7% in 2016 and will have grossed more than £1.15bn in 2017, according to our annual Language Services Market report.

We appointed an independent researcher to analyse the work of the UK’s 1,200 language service providers (LSPs), who found the industry grew faster than the anticipated 4.2% in 2016 to an average 7%, with the 20 largest companies increasing turnover by 10%.



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