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The Final Word has 15 years experience of translating for public and corporate clients, building expertise in several key sectors, including tourism, food & drink, education, the arts, housing, manufacturing and medical/pharma translations. 

We focus on building strong relationships with our clients and getting to know their business, matching them with translators who have enthusiasm as well as knowledge. We prefer to work in partnership with clients who believe, like us, that translation of content deserves time and attention in order to achieve the desired results – whether clear communication or increased sales.

Our experience has shown us that in many cases, less is more: it is not always necessary to translate an entire brochure or website in order to achieve an impact. It is often more effective to translate only part of a text, or modify it to suit your target audience.

Research has shown that failing to adapt your content for the needs and expectations of different markets can actually deter potential customers. Our team can guide you as to the best way to adapt your offering, based on the latest commercial and academic research.

As well as translating your text, we can also edit text that you have translated in house. Many clients find this is a cost effective option. 

We can also write new content from scratch in several languages, based on your brief. 

We use core teams of experts who have worked with us for several years and know their subject matter inside out. Although we use technology as an aid, we don't building our service around it: we have placed our translators' skill and initiative is at the heart of our service, not an IT platform, and we continue to deal with people as individuals.

We believe our personal approach, combined with our niche expertise in the areas where we specialise, provides the best results for us and for our clients. 

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Main contact: Dawn Morgan

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