UK language industry research 2016

The survey is carried out on behalf of the Association of Translation Companies, and the objective is to provide industry data to translation company owners. This year's survey will focus on:

» Market size and growth
» Top performing LSPs 
» Company profitability benchmarks 
» Pricing 
» Profitability and margins  
» Acquisitions and other key events of 2016
» Uptake of standards
» Impact of technology
» Key concerns facing the sector

Access to the report
Participating ATC members will receive a copy of the full report free of charge. The 2016 report will cost £175.00 + VAT. Any non-ATC member company that purchases a copy of the full report and subsequently goes on to join the Association within six months of the report being released, will have the value of the report (£175.00) discounted from its first year’s membership subscription.

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The ATC is grateful to the following for their support of the 2016 research study:

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