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Dan Peachey

Vice Chair

ATC Vice Chair, PR and Marketing Committee Member, Summit Committee Member.

Dan Peachey is Managing Director at Intonation Ltd. and its sister company City Legal Translations.

Following the completion of a degree in French and German, Dan completed a Postgraduate Diploma in French Translation at Southampton University and began work as a Project Manager at Intonation Ltd., an LSP in Fareham focusing mainly on technical, marketing, sport and IP related translations, as well as operating a specialist legal and financial division, City Legal Translations.

Taking over the day to day running of the company in 2011, Dan has overseen the acquisition of two other ATC members, UPS Translations and WORDtrans and led Intonation to being named the “Fastest Growing Language Services Provider” in the UK by the ATC in 2016. Dan’s industry experience includes being a member of the ATC ISO Standards commenting group and being the Vice Chairperson of Eulogia, an alliance of translation companies with one member per EU language.

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