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Gila Dostmohamed profile

Gila Dostmohamed

Council Member

Prior to joining the language services industry in 2003, Gila spent 17 years at BT in a variety of roles, including managing their quality management system, NVQ assessments and finally as Call Centre Manager. When joining Cintra, she was tasked with establishing a call centre, telephone systems, recruitment and training to enable 24/7 interpreting operations for a range of public sector clients.

During Gila’s 17 years at Cintra, she has gained extensive knowledge of public sector interpreting, developing a love of the languages, and particularly knowledge and experience of the delivery of public sector interpreting contracts for demanding customers such as the Police Service. In 2015, Gila was asked to join Cintra’s Board as an Executive Director, alongside her ‘day job’ as Chief Operating Officer.

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