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The ATC’s Partner Interviews introduce you to the people behind the solutions, services, and tech.

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Laura Waddington. I’m originally from Yorkshire in the North of England but I’ve been based in London for 16 years now. I also spent just over five years in Cologne, Germany, so I speak fluent German – albeit with a Yorkshire accent. I like to think this makes me unique but others may beg to differ.

I love travelling, learning about new cultures and languages, and I have a keen interest in animal welfare, having done voluntary work at animal sanctuaries in Namibia and Costa Rica. Fun fact: I had to babysit an orphaned baby baboon one night in Namibia. I also do voluntary dog sitting and walking.

I’ve been in the translation industry for 18 years. I started my professional life as a German to English translator and over the years I have progressed into other roles on both an operational and commercial level.

What do you do?

I’m a Business Development Manager at RWS, helping language service providers in the UK and Ireland get the most out of their Trados products and advising them on the right product to meet their needs.

With more than 60 years of experience, RWS is one of the world’s leading language service and technology providers. We’ve poured this experience into developing a Trados portfolio of technology offerings to make translation easier, faster, and more effective. Consequently, Trados has grown into the backbone for our industry by supporting all stakeholders in the process: content requestors, language service providers, and professional translators. We help localisation experts provide organisations with more meaningful connections to their global customers through well translated content.

What emerging key trends do you see?

As companies have had to become more flexible with working arrangements as a result of the pandemic, cloud working and the facilitation of remote and hybrid working is key. The language industry has already shown resilience in adopting remote working practices. Traditional on-site services – such as dubbing and interpreting – which used to rely on physical delivery have seen a surge in hybrid delivery models. Customers have pivoted towards remote interpreting solutions, including over-the-phone interpreting and video remote interpreting delivery.

When it comes to translation, RWS has three particular products that will help translators and language service providers to easily transition from on-premise products to cloud working: Trados Studio, Trados Live Team and Trados Enterprise.

Trados Studio now provides built-in cloud capabilities, designed for individuals to manage projects, translate, review and store resources.  This gives users the flexibility to move between online and offline working, so they can work from their desktop, phone or tablet. Anyone concerned about having to devote a lot of time to learning new features can rest assured that these cloud capabilities build off of the Trados Studio experience they already know and love.

Trados Live Team is our cloud-based translation project management solution designed for teams that need to collaborate on translation, allowing them to work from any location at any time. It offers a centralised environment for projects, translation memories and terminology and automates a lot of processes that would normally be done manually. There is often the misconception that translation resources are more secure on the desktop than the cloud, but users can have peace of mind that Trados Live Team is hosted in Germany – known for its strict data protection regulations – and has been awarded ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification.

Trados Enterprise is our top tier offering built to enterprise scale and is an end-to-end intelligent translation management system (TMS), built to streamline and automate the entire localisation process with additional reporting and quoting features as well as cutting edge Linguistic AI capabilities.

What about challenges?

The latest Translation Technology Insights (TTI) research revealed that, despite the fact collaboration tools have been around for quite some time now, many LSPs are yet to adopt one. This means that they are still managing their business with file-based ways of working, which presents a number of different challenges.

For example, if a Project Manager is working in the file-based way and sending out project packages to several translators working on the same document, the translators are unable to fully leverage each other’s work, as the file-based translation memory (TM) will not be automatically updated for everyone to benefit from in real time, resulting in multiple versions of the same TM being available. The same is true for terminology, meaning version control can become difficult.

Another challenge with file-based ways of working is that there is no quick and easy way of maintaining visibility of all projects and their status. To keep an overview of the project and update any project requirements, the Project Manager would have to stay in constant contact with the translators and possibly track the stages in an excel file, all of which is a very manual, time-consuming and error-prone process.

All of this means that working with desktop based tools alone it is not enough to counter all the challenges that translation professionals face and our Translation Technology Insights research showed that people see a need to change the way they work.

Where does the ROI come from?

Because Trados Live Team and Trados Enterprise are cloud services, there is no software to install, no complicated setup and there are no infrastructure (i.e. server) costs. This means that you can get up and running with the technology straight away. What’s more, they can help translation teams to complete projects on average up to 30% faster, as they enable Project Managers to streamline processes and reduce the number of tasks they would usually do manually, such as uploading project packages on a file repository and e-mailing translators.

In Trados Live Team and Trados Enterprise, the Project Managers assign translators to the project and the translators are notified automatically that all the translation resources and files are ready for them to access in the secure cloud environment. The PM has complete visibility of the job and can see when translators have started it and what stage the project is at.

What’s your 2022 highlight?

After the past two years of Covid-related restrictions, what I am most looking forward to this year is actually meeting people in person, particularly at the ATC events. So far I have only managed to attend these events via video link and virtual chat rooms, so I can’t wait to be able to hold face-to-face conversations over a cup of tea.

Get in touch?

If you would like to discuss any of the products in the Trados portfolio, please feel free to contact me on any of the following:


Tel.: +44 203 8215314

Mobile: +44 7500 723359

I look forward to hearing from you and would like to wish everyone a great year ahead.

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