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The solution for non-UK interns

The answer is YES. You can still have non-UK interns, even after Brexit closed previously used, free movement internship routes in the UK.

Any students or new graduates looking to do an internship with a UK company must now apply for a sponsored Government Authorised Exchange (GAE) Visa.

To support member companies, the ATC has struck a partnership with BUNAC, a leading provider of temporary work UK Government Authorised Exchange Visa Sponsors. BUNAC acts as the visa sponsor, which means that the company hosting the intern is not required to apply for a Home Office sponsorship license, as is the case with employing a non-UK employee.


BUNAC is one of the UK’s largest temporary work Government Authorized Exchange Visa sponsors, sponsoring students and graduates for an internship of up to 6 months in the UK.

BUNAC sponsors students and graduates of all nationalities, now including EU nationals, providing support and guidance to both the intern and the company hosting them, with the process of obtaining the visa sponsorship and visa.

BUNAC is regulated by UKVI and endorsed by BEIS, the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial strategy.

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Download an overview of BUNAC’s internship services, and and get in touch at to restart your internship programme!

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