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23Dec 16

‘Well’ CSAT in live MT

It is no secret that machine translation (MT) technologies are becoming an increasingly widely implemented feature in online messaging used by customer service departments of transnational companies, and in b2b…

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16Dec 16

Multilingual Manchester

A recent project concluded by Multilingual Manchester ( has identified more than 50 languages on signage throughout the city.  This signage included everything from business signs to posters and leaflets. …

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26Oct 16

Thoughts on Careers with Languages

It was a pleasure and a privilege to represent careers in Modern Foreign Languages at the recent careers fair at one of our local secondary schools, Ermysted’s Grammar School in Skipton, North…

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19Oct 16
Focus On Profitability At The ATC Summit 2016

Focus on profitability at the ATC Summit 2016

Translation business profitability was, arguably, the most appealing topic of ATC 2016 Language Industry Summit discussions. From size to essence Growth for traditional translation services slows down year to year.…

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