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Geo Language Services uses the combined might of experienced in-house translators and over 2500 specialist linguists to help you make communication easy.

Our quality standards are high and our customers are happy. Geo is one of the very few to hold the EN 17100 quality accreditation for translation service provision whilst also having ISO 9001 accreditation for our commitment to our business processes. Despite excessive attention to a staggering amount of uninteresting quality processes that you probably don’t want to read about, our main focus is actually about making things simple for you and ensuring a perfect end product.

Things we do well include translation, localisation (or localization, if you are American or prefer the Oxford spelling), transcreation, interpreting, multilingual typesetting for print and accessibility services like Braille.

We work in all languages and dialects all over the world and use teams of professional translators, subject matter experts and hawkeyed proofreaders to make sure your text is perfect when it is translated.

To see our full range of services, skills and other helpful things – see our website

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