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Bureau Works

As an LSP, you know the struggles all too well: lengthy quote and approval cycles, delays in assigning tasks to top translators, time-consuming payroll and billing processes, and the never-ending pursuit of consistently high quality.

But what if there was a way to automate and augment these core operations, freeing your team to focus on revenue-generating tasks? Introducing Bureau Works, a translation management system that’s 100% cloud-based with deep integration of large language AI models.

With Bureau Works, you can:

  • Automate quotes, assignments, payables, billing, and quality control.
  • Empower your translation environment with our Context Sensitivity, which is 22% more effective than any Neural MT.
  • Detect errors and extract terminology.
  • Ensure enterprise-grade security to safeguard your data, SOC2 Type 2.

Trusted by industry leaders such as Harley Davidson, Zendesk, WE ARE VERY, and Automation Anywhere, you can start as small as $64 monthly or scale up as needed.

Contact us today to learn how Bureau Works can transform your language services agency and help you outpace the competition.

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