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Host: Dan Peachey

Speakers: David Garcia-Gonzales (GoLocalise) & Guy Bartlett (Business Buyers Club)

Date and Time: Thursday 19th September 2019, 11:30 – 12:00

No week goes by without another piece of acquisiton news in the language services industry. Private equity companies see the value in a continuously growing industry. Larger LSPs are buying their competitors off the regional market. Smaller LSPs are supplementing organic growth with acquisitions. LSP owners are considering their exit strategies. And everyone is thinking about M&A as a means of diversifying to new services or markets.

We tackle M&A via a macro-level look at trends, an active US-UK deal corridor, how to make your business attractive to buyers, the differences selling to private equity and a corporate entity

Increase your understanding of the dynamics of M&A activities whether you’re planning to sell or buy!

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