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How to commission translation, interpretation and other language services

Commissioning a translation for the first time can be daunting.  Whether for a translation, interpreting, voice-overs, sub-titling, conference management, direct mailing, executive language training or language consultancy, our ATC members are here to help you.  Choosing the right company, however, can depend on a number of different factors and our Guide to Buying Translation Services is included in this section.

When purchasing translations, consider these questions:

  1. Will I be charged by the line or per 1,000 words translated?
  2. Are there any additional costs such as ‘rush’ charges or extra charges for non-European languages and technical subjects?
  3. Will the translator be translating into his or her own language?
  4. What method of checking is used?
  5. Does the translation company have compatible computer systems to yours?
  6. What other communications equipment is available?
  7. Are other services such as typesetting, interpreting, voice-overs and copy writing available?
  8. Does the translation company carry full professional indemnity insurance?
  9. Is the company a member of the Association of Translation Companies?
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