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UK language services market 2015

Our initial report with a market overview. Focused on growth, large provider identification, benchmarking data, and pricing.

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A 27-page document contains the following data:

  • 1. 40 Largest language service providers in the UK (by revenue)
  • 2. Market size

2.1. Number of LSPs in the UK
2.2. Cumulative sales volume
2.3. Revenue by services provided (translation, interpreting, 10 other)
2.4. Home/export revenue
2.5. Top 10 customer verticals

  • 3. Growth

3.1. Market growth rate
3.2. Company growth (decline) drivers
3.3. Fastest growing language combinations
3.4. Fastest growing services
3.5. Fastest growing customer verticals
3.6. Growth by sales and marketing channel
3.7. 11 Fastest growing companies

  • 4. Company benchmarks

4.1. Gross average salaries by region
4.2. Countrywide salary comparison by job function
4.3. Annual revenue per full-time employee
4.4. Revenue milestones to hire extra sales staff
4.5. Productivity: accounts per account manager
4.6. Productivity: number of projects per manager

  • 5. Technology

5.1. Technology preferences
5.2. 17 most used CAT-tools
5.6. Most used business management systems
5.7. Technology provided to customers
5.8. Examples of bespoke technology
5.9. Standards: EN 15038 and ISO 17100 adoption

  • 6. Pricing

6.1. Translation pricing for 40 language combinations (with review and without)
6.2. Interpreting pricing (half-day) for 20 language combinations
6.3. Average sourcing rates (freelancer rates)
6.4. Percentage of high-cost and low-cost providers for 40 language combinations
6.5. Average gross margins

  • 7. Top business challenges
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