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ATC Workshop

Compelling Seller-Focused M&A

The ATC has teamed up with Affinity Ventures and FluentSales to bring you a compelling seller-focused workshop on M&A with a language services industry expert angle, with an opportunity to discuss your business confidentially with the trainers after the workshop free of charge.

Seller-focused M&A is about the best deal for your company, whether your next step is exit or retirement, or an inspiring new venture.


  • £50 to ATC members
  • £100 to ATC partner association members (EUATC, GALA, ELIA, TInA, ITI, TAUS)
  • £150 to non-members

Date and time

Wednesday 30 September 2020, 3-5 pm BST UK time

Workshop topics

What are your goals?

  • Growth Capital
  • Take some chips off the table & diversify wealth
  • Expand your management team
  • Retirement

Options for achieving those goals

  • Minority sale of business
  • Majority sale of business
  • 100% sale of business
  • Debt funding

How to value your business (now and future)

  • EBITDA and multiples
  • Adjustments
  • Add backs
  • Onetime expenses
  • Owners salary & distributions
  • That fancy convertible
  • Intellectual Property, patents and trade secrets
  • Financial factors
  • Other factors


  • Urgency (now or 2-5 years)
  • Increasing your value (increase sales/cost reduction)
  • Profitability improvements take time to see results so start now

Increase Sales

  • Sales gap analysis & fast track to sell
    • Sales SWOT
    • Increase sales productivity
      • Increase new business
      • Maximize revenue from existing customers
      • Creative leveraging of existing vertical focus
    • Decrease over-reliance on one or more customers as % of business
    • Increase market visibility in key industries
    • Increase sales productivity – tools, goals, etc.

Confidential Controlled Auction

  • Differentiator of Affinity Ventures
  • Competitive offers attract better price for seller
  • Reduces typical buyer advantage in cupid deals characteristic of our industry or traditional M&A deals

About the trainers

Jessica Rathke

Senior Translation Advisor

Affinity Ventures & FluentSales


Jessica Rathke has 30 years of localization sales, sales management and marketing experience for leading language service providers. She is currently Managing Director at FluentSales, an Austin/London based sales and cross-cultural consultancy. Having worked with LSPs and sales professionals in over 45 countries, her services help LSPs increase revenue and profitability and improve the effectiveness of global teams. She is also Senior Translation Industry Advisor with Affinity Ventures, an M&A advisory firm that provides merger and acquisition services for small and middle-market companies.

Jessica holds an MBA and Bachelors of Arts degrees in Foreign Affairs and German from Miami University in Ohio, USA. She also did post-graduate studies in German at the University of Salzburg.  Jessica has served as Chapter Manager for Women in Localization UK and is currently Assistant Manager of the Texas Chapter.

Andrew R. Melendrez

Transaction Advisor

Affinity Ventures


Andrew R. Melendrez started his first business at the age of 23 in 2005 in the fast growing field of sleep medicine called Quality Sleep Solutions, Inc. Over a 14 year period his company grew from a small consulting firm to a regional network of 23 locations in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Andrew enjoyed growing the company using mergers and acquisitions along with opening new organic locations.

Andrew is currently Business Development & Transaction Advisor at Affinity Ventures, recently ranked in the top 20 low- to middle-market investment banks in the United States.  Andrew has extensive experience in M&A deal structure, finance and operations and is particularly adept at helping sellers optimize operations maximise value.

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