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The Chartered Institute of Linguists has launched a new translator qualification, Certificate in Translation, to complement its existing Diploma in Translation.

What is the CertTrans?

The CIOL Qualifications Level 6 Certificate in Translation (CertTrans) is a UK regulated qualification from an internationally recognised Awarding Organisation, which will improve career prospects and provides progression opportunities for people who want to work as translators or in international organisations.

The CertTrans is a degree level qualification which provides evidence of professional and practical translation knowledge and skills. The qualification is aligned to the UK Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) at Level 6 and is equivalent in level to BA degrees and other Level 6 qualifications.

Who is it for?

The qualification is focused on translation. The CertTrans is designed to provide a qualification for those seeking to enter or advance their careers as professional translators or advance in the world of work as a professional with proven language skills.

The CertTrans is currently available between English (source or target language) and Arabic (MSA), Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

What’s in it for language service companies?

The CertTrans is a new professional benchmark for those starting a career as language professionals, or those looking to validate their expertise with a formal qualification in the languages they practise in.

Do your freelance translators across the world all have formal qualifications? The CertTrans is available internationally, and CIOL Qualifications are widely recognised in the UK and around the world.


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