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Selling translations online: a path to success

I’m sure most of us have done our fair share of shopping online in the last months or years.

Everyone can now shop from the comfort of their couch and buy basically anything: from batteries to an imaginary friend. Yes, that’s right, an “imaginary friend”, actually sold for nearly $3,000.

We can define it as the “E-Commerce Era”: all the products you can imagine (and even not imagine), available at your fingertips. Over the last few years, e-commerce has taken the lead as people find that they can get a much greater choice, find exactly what they need, be able to easily compare prices, and get products delivered to their doorstep in just a matter of clicks.

The secret? Real-time answers to customers’ needs.

While an imaginary friend is so easy to buy, why aren’t translation services as simple? Think about it: it should actually be easier. But somehow, translation companies are still struggling to give answers to their customers and take hours or even days to get a quote to a client, with a process that looks more like this:

When potential customers arrive at your website, they are influenced by how quickly they can receive the information they are looking for. Whatever they are trying to buy becomes far more attractive if they have real-time answers to fulfill their needs.

“Several magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies have shown that our frontal cortex is highly active when we think about waiting for something. On the other hand, our mid-brain lights up when we think about receiving something right away (and that’s the one we want to fire up).”1

Words like “instant” and “immediate” are known to trigger the mid-brain activity that makes us so prone to buy. “Instant” just may be the most persuasive word in sales nowadays!

Guess what?

There is an instant answer as well: a 3-step process to transform your “simple” contact form into an online, real-time quoting tool.

Now available for all language service providers, having it on your website is as easy as 1-2-3.

All you need to do is set prices for languages that you support and paste a line of code in your website. So easy, that even my imaginary friend was able to do it…

For more information on our Instant Quote widget, just visit send us an email at

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