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The Association of Translation Companies, in association with market research leader Nimdzi, has launched its highly regarded, comprehensive Language Industry Survey 2019.

Quick and simple to complete, you’ll receive a précis of your own market position to help understand your business’s competitive position in the market and a copy of the UK Language Industry Report.

The ATC will premiere the Survey’s findings at the Language Industry Summit 19-20 September and the report itself will be made available to the industry via the ATC website, free of charge. The information that we are gathering in this survey is to ensure that your data is not duplicated in our analyses.  No identifying data will be shared with any other party, except in the case of your express opt-in to receive the personalised evaluation from our survey partners, Nimdzi.

The survey should take about 15 minutes of your time to complete. We understand that the data we ask for is valuable and confidential, and we will treat it with the strictest discretion and security.

This survey has been created in collaboration with Nimdzi Insights and is sponsored by Interpreter Intelligence.

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