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Lingsom is a management system for LSPs – one system to manage all interpreting (spoken or sign language) and translation orders efficiently and securely.

With three views into project workflows (home, vendor, and customer portals), Lingsom makes all stages of coordination easier and faster, from the creation of the order to vendor matching, booking and finally invoicing and payrolls. Its algorithm matches each received assignment in your company weather it’s on-site, over the phone, message delivery or video interpretation with the right linguist in your company and automatically does query, confirmation, invoicing, and payrolls and much more.

It also has an imbedded Virtual Interpretation Technology for video interpretations.

Lingsom saves time and resources for Language Service Providers which could be invested back in building better relationships with clients and vendors, enabling you to put the focus on managing and growing your company. Lingsom is GDPR secure, and web-based (no installation required) and has a unique pay-as-you-need pay option. Lingsom currently is being used in Sweden and Finland by LSPs.

Some of the benefits i.e., in interpretation workflow are:

  • Automatic query
  • Automatic confirmation
  • Automatic flow of information
  • Assignments digital reporting
  • Statistics and feedbacks
  • Payroll reports
  • Invoicing reports
  • Up to 50% saving in coordination jobs
  • Up to 40% saving in billing and payment expenses

Have a look at our Explainer video!

Contact us for a short demo and see how Lingsom can help your company grow!

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