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UK Language Services Pricing 2024

Survey Open

In 2020, the ATC and Nimdzi Insights charted UK pricing trends across commercial and public sector work. What’s changed since then? You tell us!

Our aim is to offer a snapshot of the broad spectrum of public and commercial work done by language service companies and the pricing trends in the UK language services market, worth £1.94 billion in 2023.

In return for your participation in this survey, and if you accept to opt-in, Nimdzi Insights will provide you with an executive summary, highlighting key trends and insights into pricing trends for the UK market, helping you understand your company’s competitive position in the market – a month before a summary of the survey is shared exclusively with ATC member companies.

  • Do smaller companies charge more or less than large ones?
  • What are the average rates for translation, interpreting, MTPE and other services?
  • What’s the split between private and public sector work in the UK, and how do rates relate?

All these questions and more are answered in the UK Language Services Pricing Study 2024 by Nimdzi Insights in collaboration with the ATC.


Check out the 2020 pricing benchmark here.

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