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The ATC’s Member of the Month in February 2023 is the ATC’s newest Accredited Member, Mondia Technologies and its subsidiaries Travod International and Wordminds Translations .

We caught up with Mondia Technologies’ CEO Steve Higgins, one of the ATC’s newly-elected Council Members, to talk about a changing industry landscape and how active trade associations can support member companies’ for growth and sustainability.

An empire in the making

Mondia Technologies is the parent company of Travod International and its sister company Wordminds Translations, both headquartered in Manchester. The companies provide professional translation services and globally localised content, catering to multinational companies and organisations in manufacturing, software, eLearning, advertising, media and retail, as well as keeping long-standing partnerships with language service company clients.

Listed as one of the top 100 Challengers on the Slator 2021 Language Service Provider Index, Mondia’s teams span several countries and offices and a network of over 8,000 linguists, while retaining distinctive customer service and language services specialisation for the individual sister companies Travod and Wordminds, both certified to ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 17100 for translation services.

Steve Higgins joined Travod in 2021, after spending the past decade in leadership roles at leading language service companies Janus, Jonckers, and Capita T&I.

“Our focus is on strategic and operational development to drive value to our clients. In the near future, we plan to work on AI-based machine learning which will revamp operations and take full control of the internal machine translation technology (MT technology). More clients across industries, from manufacturing to management consulting, are looking into MT options that will help them significantly scale up on volumes. This will improve their time to market, save on translation costs, and not least, enable faster decisions in multilingual research projects,” Steve explains.

Sustainability and growth through collaboration

In December 2022, Mondia Technologies, Travod and Wordminds became Accredited ATC Member Companies.

“I’m passionate about the localization industry, as it continues to change and develop with more and more innovation and technological advancement,” says Steve.

“For me, being part of a leading trade association demonstrates our commitment to industry best practices and codes of conduct, increasing our credibility in the market and opening access to interesting research and initiatives. The ATC also offers us a powerful networking forum.

In January 2023, the ATC’s Council elected Steve Higgins onto the association’s governing body.

“I’m keen to help steer the direction of the ATC. As we see more and more demand for global streaming services, global ecommerce and options for different levels of translation quality output, the market changes and the skills needed within LSP’s also need to adapt and develop.”

“By joining the ATC’s Council, I can bring valuable contributions to conversations, and perhaps offer a fresh approach and new ideas in terms of direction. I have a varied experience of working in both UK LSPs and those outside of the UK. I have also spent many years working with US clients and more recently in my role as CEO I am helping to shape the direction of the company in terms of the services offered, territories, technology innovation, and the deployment of new solutions and integrations to make customers’ lives easier.”

“I’m absolutely delighted about being elected on the ATC Council and welcome the opportunity to help shape the association’s future, to grow its membership, and increase its overall credibility and status,” Steve concludes.


Steve Higgins was in conversation with ATC CEO Raisa McNab.





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