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Certifying translations with the ATC Certification Stamp

The ATC’s Certification Stamp is awarded to Accredited ATC Member companies. The stamp may be used to certify translations, typically those submitted to public sector or other authorities.

Examples of translations requiring certification can include civil record certificates (birth, marriage, death certificates), diplomas and transcripts, company registration documents or documentation used in legal proceedings. Translations certified by an ATC Accredited Member company are accepted by most UK public service authorities. However, the ATC recommends that any requirements for the certification are clarified with the authority directly by the client.

Translations certified with the ATC’s Certification Stamp signal to the recipient that the translation has been carried out by an Accredited Member of the Association of Translation Companies. It demonstrates that the company has passed the ATC’s strict membership vetting process, including checks on financial stability, quality management processes, client and supplier references and also holds suitable professional indemnity insurance.

Accredited ATC Members’ membership can be verified via the ATC’s Membership Checker, available online at

The ATC’s Certification Stamp is renewed annually. The Stamp carries the name of the company and their unique ATC membership number, and is dated for the current year.

The ATC’s guidelines for using the Certification Stamp set out best practice for certifying translations using the ATC’s Certification Stamp. The guidelines also explain the differences between different types of “certification” used in the UK and overseas, and include certificate templates.

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