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Recruitment, global payroll services, M&A introductions – the ATC’s new Associate Partner Adaptive Globalization is a global language services specialist with a strong UK base.

“Post-Brexit, finding the right talent is crucial, whether it’s within the UK from a smaller pool of candidates than before due to new immigration rules, or in the EU or the rest of the world for your global presence”, says Andrew Jones, Adaptive Globalization’s European Team Lead.

Hiring talent or setting up a business entity overseas can be a daunting prospect. Besides first-class recruitment services, Adaptive Globalization also offers a bespoke payroll service in the UK, Germany, US and Singapore, directly payrolling the candidate for up to six months along with introducing you to a team of in-country solicitors and accountants to help you set up a legal entity if required.

For other countries, Adaptive partners with a global payroll company to offer a payroll service across 189 countries, without the need for an entity, at a reduced fee.

In UK and international M&A, Adaptive has been involved in nearly every size of deal, from the sale of small translation companies with £1 million turnover right up to the sale of companies valued at over £35 million.

The ATC’s CEO Raisa McNab adds, “Brexit and restrictions in UK immigration are going to change the landscape on how UK language service companies hire staff, and what business decisions they make about international operations. Partnering with a global language

service specialist with a deep understanding of the UK market makes a lot of sense, and the ATC is absolutely thrilled to welcome Adaptive Globalization as Associate Partner.”


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