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The ATC’s ISO Certification Service has awarded TranslateMedia and Sandberg Translation Partners (STP) certification to machine translation post-editing standard ISO 18587. TranslateMedia and STP are the first two UK-based language service providers to be certified to the standard and the ATC Certification Service is one of the first certification bodies in the world to include it as part of its service offering – a double celebration if ever there was one!

TranslateMedia went all the way with an ATC triple certification, adding ISO 17100 translation services standard and ISO 9001 quality management standard to their portfolio at the same time as the MTPE standard ISO 18587, which supports their recent development and investment in a neural machine translation solution

ISO 18587 provides requirements for full post-editing of machine translation output and defines the competencies of post-editors, adding to and closing the gap on MTPE left in ISO 17100. Following the standard’s publication in 2017, the ATC ISO Certification service is delighted to be one of the first certification bodies to include ISO 18587 in its service offering.

TranslateMedia’s Operations Director, Matt Train, says, “We were very happy to find out that the ATC would be offering auditing services for language service providers. Certifications are important for our clients, and help us to both win and keep business by operating processes that consistently deliver quality. Working with auditors from the ATC, who already knew our business context in detail, meant that TranslateMedia received a great deal more value from the audit process than we had previously expected was possible.

Matt went on to add: “We were also delighted to learn about the new post-editing of machine translation output standard from the ATC, and very happy that they could provide the auditing service for that standard as well as 9001 and 17100. We would like to say a huge thanks to everyone involved at the ATC for offering this valuable service to the industry.”.

STP’s founder and Executive Chairman, Jesper Sandberg, welcomed the certification and said that ISO 18587 was a sign that the industry was embracing an increasingly technical future.

“STP’s journey with machine translation started in 2010 when we recognised that technology would become synonymous with the professional translation industry.

“Since then, we have worked hard to make our company a genuine adopter in the field of MT and MTPE, and our investments in technical capacity and human skills attest to that. This milestone is recognition that all the challenging work has been worth it. I am extremely proud of the team at STP who have made this possible,” he said.

The ATC’s ISO Certification Service currently offers certification and audit from qualified language service provider auditors for Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015, Translation Services Standard ISO 17100:2015 and Machine Translation Post Editing Standard ISO 18587:2017.

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