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Hiring staff overseas just got a whole lot easier. The ATC is thrilled to share that Deel, the leading platform for global remote employee and contractor payrolling, is now an ATC Associate Partner.

Having staff members in another country is not easy or straightforward. SME language service companies have struggled to find a solution that enables compliant hiring and payments for an international workforce.

In the UK, Brexit changed language service companies’ recruitment landscape overnight: with no freedom of movement in the EU, it has been difficult to hire or let existing employees work remotely in Europe.

Until now, there have only been three options:

  • Bringing on contractors, often a compliance grey area
  • Setting up a foreign entity, which can be costly and time-consuming
  • Hiring a full-time employee through a third party company

Deel enables businesses to tackle these challenges. Deel’s global hiring and payroll services enable you to create locally compliant contracts in seconds, hire full-time employees in minutes, and process payments with just a click.

Hiring, paying, and scaling teams without borders compliantly shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Deel empowers companies to do all these things effortlessly and legally.

Explore our new partnership and what Deel can do for you here.



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