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The ATC is delighted to announce a new technology partnership with interpreting management software company Lingsom

Lingsom is a digital supply chain management system for the language services industry – one system specifically tailored to manage all interpreting (spoken and sign language) and translation orders efficiently and securely.

ATC CEO Raisa McNab welcomes the new partnership, “There are very few project management software systems built for the management of interpreting assignments. Lingsom’s solution has been designed from scratch to match the workflows and meet the requirements of interpreting services, from automatically looping booking enquiries to customisable booking forms. I’m pleased to be able to introduce Lingsom to the UK market, and the ATC’s membership.”

Based in Finland, Lingsom was founded by brothers Cyrus Jebraeil and Sohrab Gebraeil, who also run the Finnish interpreting service company Polaris Kielipalvelut

“Lingsom is more than an off-the-shelf piece of software,” explains Lingsom CEO Cyrus Jebraeil.

“Lingsom has been developed to streamline interpreting assignment and resource management, and we have seen within our own operations how huge a difference it can make. By tailoring Lingsom specifically for interpreting services, we have been able to halve our project managers’ workload, and focus on building the business, forging better relationships with our clients and interpreters, rather than spending time managing assignments in a system primarily meant for translation projects.”

Lingsom’s web-based interface is designed for data and GDPR secure bookings and communications, with separate interfaces for the language service company, clients and suppliers. Lingsom’s features include all stages of interpreting coordination, from the creation of orders to vendor matching, booking and invoicing. Its algorithm matches assignments on-site, over the phone, message delivery or video interpreting with the right interpreter. It also automatically queries, confirms, and manages the assignment. Lingsom also has an imbedded Virtual Interpreting Technology for video interpreting.

Lingsom’s Sales Manager Sohrab Gebraeil is clear on the solution’s target market of SME language service companies. “We don’t want to be all things to all companies. Where Lingsom adds the most value is an SME specialising in interpreting services – this is where we can add serious return on investment. Lingsom has the benefits of a tailor-made solution for interpreting assignments, without the cost and pain of building a solution on your own.”






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