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Promoting women-owned businesses

ATC Partner WEConnect International’s mission is to drive money into the hands of women business owners by enabling them to compete in the global marketplace.

Globally, women make or influence over 85% of consumer purchasing decisions, and own 33% of all privately-owned business – but women-owned businesses earn less than 1% of corporate and government spend globally.

A global network of women-owned businesses, WeConnect International enables commercial collaboration and helps build sustainable prosperity, connecting women-owned SMEs with some of the world’s largest corporate buyers. WEConnect International drives sustainability, diversity and inclusion agendas, and fosters global networks of inspirational and inspiring women leaders.

In the WEConnect International network of over 18,000 women business owners across 135 countries, SMEs and corporate buyers, trade is a powerful tool for achieving gender equality. Trade is one area where governments, businesses, and international organizations can collectively advance an agenda of diversity and inclusion which can help unleash the potential of half of the world’s population.


Get involved with the WEConnect community

Language service companies play a critical role in enabling global trade. By joining the WEConnect International network, you join a community of entrepreneurs, promote inclusion, and build new commercial collaborations.

  • Join: Majority woman-owned companies can join the WEConnect International network either by registering or by full certification as a woman-owned business. Watch a video tutorial on how to register.
  • Network: Connect with the WEConnect community online on social media. Connect on LinkedIn.
  • Participate: Meet other women-owned SMEs and corporate buyers at online and in-person networking events, webinars and conferences. Check out the highlights from the 2023 Europe Conference.
  • Add value: Provide pro-bono translation or interpreting support for WEConnect International’s network communications and events across the world, and be recognised as an industry partner.
  • Benefit: Make use of WEConnect International’s member benefits, including matchmaking for RFPs, training courses and programmes and business development support.


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