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The ATC’s Certification Stamp signals to UK authorities that a translation of an official document has been carried out by an Accredited Member of the Association of Translation Companies.

New Digital Certification Stamp for 2024

More and more UK authorities are open to accepting digitally certified translations. For 2024, we are introducing a new digital version of the ATC Certification Stamp, allowing Accredited Member companies to certify and submit translations digitally.

The new Digital Certification Stamps will be available by the end of 2023 in the ATC Member Area online, complete with guidelines for member companies and clients on how to use the Digital Certification Stamp.

Harmonising UK certification practices

The ATC is collaborating with the Institute for Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) to harmonise best practices around the certification of translations in the UK.

All three leading associations now recognise and endorse each other’s certification guidelines and practices, and present a unified front towards the authorities and users of certified translations.


CIOL roundtable on certified translations in the UK and beyond

A CIOL roundtable discussion on 1 December 2023 explore the context surrounding certified translations in the UK and how that compares with other parts of the world. The roundtable will highlight recent efforts by CIOL, ITI and ATC to promote mutual recognition and clarify and harmonise expectations in the UK for certified translations.

The main focus will be expectations for the translation of official documents for use by the UK’s public sector, Government agencies or businesses and how these vary. The roundtable will seek to draw input from the audience not only regarding existing practice – and promoting better practice – in the UK, but also how the UK compares to processes and regulations participants have experienced in other parts of the world.


Regulated Professions Register

The Department for Business and Trade has launched a Regulated Professions Register, a new digital service that provides information about regulated professions in the UK.

In the language services space, industry associations CIOL, ITI and NRPSI have worked together to achieve recognition for the accreditation of language professionals and these professions are now listed on the new register.






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