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ABC Translations

ABC Translations provides technically accurate and highly fluent translations in dozens of language combinations across commercial, legal, medical and technical fields.


Good translation matters because mistakes and misunderstandings can have shocking and lasting effects.

A less than perfect legal translation carries risks to personal liberty and protection. Errors in business and marketing translations can damage brand reputation and harm sales. Poorly translated technical and medical communications can even jeopardise life and limb.

Our years of experience have taught us that translation and interpreting are art forms as well as technical disciplines. We know that cultural understanding, tonal sensitivity and knowledge of the subject are key to delivering any document or conversation with absolute precision of communication.

Our friendly, efficient service is underpinned by a serious approach to the importance of our work. We use a large team of experienced translators and interpreters. Many of them have worked in the sectors they specialise in and all of them deliver a gold standard to our clients.

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