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Established in 1994, Contentech has grown into a one-stop source for multilingual content solutions with an extensive track record of outstanding successes within the MEA region and beyond. We blend content and technology to come up with top-notch services for different multilingual communication needs in over 100 languages. Backed by a team of experienced specialists, we are committed to delivering a standard of excellence across a diverse portfolio that includes translation, localization, DTP, content marketing, multimedia production, and interpretation services, among others.

We take immense pride in being the preferred choice by 70% of globally ranked top 100 LSPs, and completing successful projects for more than 500 prominent brands, including Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Jumia, and Coca-Cola.

Our diverse service portfolio includes:

  • ContLoc:

From document translation to software localization and DTP, ContLoc stands out as Contentech’s arm for language and content localization services. ContLoc provides accurate and culturally-relevant translations across 100+ languages and ensures every message gets across.

  • ContPro:

Beyond content writing, ContPro crafts comprehensive and versatile content marketing solutions to help brands engage and captivate the interest of their audience in new target markets. ContPro has got the full range of content marketing services that businesses need to thrive and get ahead of the curve.

  • ContMedia:

ContMedia covers a specialized range of multimedia production and localization services. ContMedia extends the reach of your multimedia content through professional and culturally-sensitive solutions like video editing, dubbing, voice-over, subtitling, and many more.

  • ContPret:

At ContPret, we provide on-demand access to remote interpreters who speak 200+ languages within 30 seconds. Our solutions facilitate the communication exchange between you and your customers all around the globe. Our interpretation solutions fit different business scales, from corporates to SMEs.

 Our Tech Products:

  • ContCloud:

is a hassle-free self-service platform that enables seamless online ordering of a wide range of multilingual content solutions. ContCloud is the optimal way to streamline services like translation and content creation effortlessly with a few clicks.

  • ContHub:

Coming soon is our 360-degree portal for automated project and resource management with unlimited features to harness the full process from order management to delivery. ContHub takes it a step further and combines multiple systems to facilitate the multilingual content production process and ensure unrivaled quality.

Contentech has been providing multilingual content solutions since 1994. We have a proven track record of success in the MEA region and beyond. We put your needs at the heart of our strategy and leverage a fusion of technology and highly-qualified talents to craft a better conversational experience for your business.

No matter your industry, Contentech is your go-to place for all your communication challenges across more than 100 languages.

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