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Your views on industry trends

ELIS is the European Language Industry Survey, and it scopes the trends, challenges, and opportunities in the European language services landscape.

How do language service companies in Europe see their market, and how are their businesses developing?

Take the ELIS Survey tell us how you see the European landscape today! The survey is open until the end of January 2023.

The results of the survey feed into the European-wide ELIS Report published in March 2023. The survey’s UK-specific data will also help inform the ATC’s UK Language Industry Report, due out in September 2023.


ELIS – an industry-wide collaboration

What makes the ELIS Survey unique is collaboration across the industry.

Powered by the EUATC, GALA, Elia, FIT Europe, Women in Localization, the EC’s LIND and DGT, and the EMT network, it surveys language service companies, freelance translators and interpreters, internal language departments at European institutions, technology providers, and the academia.

ELIS comprises quick and easy core questions on challenges, trends and opportunities, and further extension topics on business, technology, training, recruitment, and career progression.





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