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Recruitment & employee retention in a changing landscape

Two major disruptions have changed UK-based language service companies’ recruitment and internship activities for good.

Where does your company recruit in 2023 and beyond? Why does your staff stay with you?

Join us on 23 February 2023 at 2-5 pm GMT to hear ATC member case studies, meet our recruitment partners for UK and global recruitment, and share experiences with other member companies.

From UK and overseas recruitment and employee retention to internships and collaboration with universities to access the next generation of industry talent, this is the event you can’t miss.


ATC Internship & Recruitment Guide 2023

Brexit closed down Erasmus internships, and raised serious barriers to recruiting staff both within and outside the UK. The Covid pandemic sent language service companies’ workforce to home offices, creating the need for diverse, multi-location operations. Working from the office, or even in the UK, is no longer a given.

The challenges around internships and recruitment are many. How to continue with an internship programme? How to find and recruit the right multilingual talent in the UK? How to recruit staff abroad, legally and compliantly, without a major administration burden?

The ATC supports its members through industry-specific guidance tailored for language service companies, and through partnering with organisations who provide solutions and services that add tangible value, and who work to lower barriers for international staffing.

The ATC’s members-only Internship & Recruitment Guide 2023 collates guidance and information on opportunities around hosting interns and recruiting staff in the UK and abroad. It breaks down processes and proposes solutions, and introduces you to the ATC’s internship and recruitment partners. The guide gives you the tools you need to build a solid foundation for your internship and recruitment activities, post-Brexit, post-pandemic, in a challenging and continuously changing environment.




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