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Membership of the ATC is available to established companies able to provide full accounts of the previous three trading years. A minimum of 65% of the company’s core business must be the provision of translation services. As a member of the ATC, there are substantial business, financial and legal benefits available to your business and employees. In addition to the member activities these include:


  • Negotiated member rate for professional indemnity insurance, travel insurance and free financial health check
  • Reduced rates for foreign exchange and currency exchange services
  • Member-reduced cost for credit checking service and debt collection
  • Discounts on technology partners’ applications
  • Discounted Partner Association memberships and events
  • Reduced rates to market information via easy-to-use research platform
  • Discounted delegate rates to ATC’s Annual Summit and other Association Conferences
  • Free access to Annual Industry Research for participating members

Legal & Business

  • Free arbitration service
  • ISO Certification programme and support
  • Free legal advice helpline
  • Free HR advice helpline
  • UK Home Office approved ATC certification stamp

Business Development

  • Use of ATC logo on marketing materials
  • Inclusion in online membership directory with logo and hyperlink to website
  • Business referrals through directory and networks
  • National marketing campaigns through a dedicated Association PR Company
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts
  • Quarterly newsletter including updates and insights on industry developments, resources and key business issues
  • Access to wide network of translation companies
    through ATC’s membership of EUATC

As a member of the ATC there are plenty of opportunities to contribute to our knowledge-base and to get involved with the Council, lobbying and taking forward your ideas.

  • The Language Industry Survey
  • Apply for a Committee
  • Nominate for Council
  • Propose an initiative
  • Lobbying

The Language Industry Survey

Since 2015, the ATC has conducted an annual research project, which offers key data about the translation and interpreting market in the United Kingdom. By contributing to the research, you will be able to benchmark your company’s performance, compare your pricing, profitability and margins to those of other companies, and get a concise yet comprehensive overview of the technology trends current in the industry. ATC members who complete the questionnaire also receive the full 30-page report.

Apply for a Committee

The ATC has a Chair and Council and a number of different committees. You can find out more here.

As a member of the ATC you are eligible to apply to join one of our committees, perhaps pertaining to an area of special interest or particular experience or skill set that you can offer. We encourage members to consider how they may contribute, to gain more added-value from their membership and to enjoy the personal rewards such a contribution can provide.

Nominate for Council

Members of the ATC are invited to nominate peers and colleagues for Council, the elected leadership body that governs and directs the ATC. Information about the current Council can be found here and we warmly welcome anyone, whether a new member or one of long-standing who is interested in finding out more about how things operate, to attend one of our Open Council events – details can be found here.

Propose an initiative

Without an active membership with fresh ideas and new initiatives, the ATC would soon lose its thought-leading, standard-setting edge. All members are free to propose an initiative to benefit the association, whether to generate new business, raise the ATC’s profile through greater networking, or develop a media campaign. New initiatives are the lifeblood of the ATC and wherever possible we work hard to ensure all ideas are given full consideration and evaluation by the appropriate committees and Council.


The ATC is a proactive organisation that will lobby on behalf of members’ interests and should any member have an issue that they feel strongly about, we will consult with the Council and determine how best to provide support at a Government, international, national or regional level, as appropriate.

The Association of Translation Companies is the world’s longest established professional body looking after the interests of translation companies. The reputation of the Association is extremely important to us therefore we have strict criteria for membership to ensure that only reputable translation companies are admitted.

Companies admitted into the Association are expected to adhere to English and European law and our Code of Conduct, which is enforced by our Ethics Committee, in addition to the association’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Latest Annual Turnover                 Fee

Up to £150,000                               £339.99* plus VAT
£150,000 – £500,000                       £539.99* plus VAT
£500,000 – £1.5m                            £789.99* plus VAT
More than £1.5m                            £1039.99* plus VAT

During the membership application process, you will be required to source and provide a number of supporting documents. 

Please read these guidance notes before beginning your application to join the ATC

You will need to request some supporting documents from third parties to successfully apply for membership to the ATC. These are detailed below and it is recommended you review these requirements before proceeding.

Once you are ready to begin the process, you will be asked to create an application account by completing the form and paying a non-refundable £50 administration fee. Upon receipt of the fee, you will be able to login to your account and upload the supporting documents as they become available.

Please note: documents must be in English and you will not be able to ‘submit’ your application until all the required documents have been uploaded.

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