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MD Online

MD online (est. 2012) developed organically from our origins as a scientific language editing company, based in Warsaw, Poland. Due to demand from our clients we rapidly entered into the field of translations which went far beyond our origins in science. Over the past 10 years we have filled an important gap, in Poland, to provide native speaker translations into almost all European languages. We now serve large LSPs throughout Europe. Translations are carried out using CAT, and we currently focus on expanding our MTPE services. Our clients appreciate our flexibility and efficient work in client panels. MD focuses on translation/MTPE/AI tasks, and our sister company, registered in Cambridge, UK, now handles scientific editing.

MD online’s core team consists of 8 in-house highly qualified staff (which includes PhDs, MBA and MA linguists) and our manager for national and European tenders. We use CAT tools and members of our core team arrange training for our linguists. We have developed a large network of many hundred translators and posteditors who we regularly communicate with. We have a multi-step, in-house designed quality assurance procedure for our translations. We work in most European languages, and specialise in Scandinavian and Central European languages.

Company USP

We offer access to our experienced CAT-trained network of translators and posteditors (MTPE). Our project managers ensure cooperation is smooth, responsive, and quality assured. Since we are based in Poland, there is opportunity to apply for EU tenders together. We also offer academic PhD editing and proofreading through our UK company.

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Mark Hunt
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