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Public Sector Round Table

The ATC is bringing together lannguage industy associations and public sector buyer-side organisations around a round table, to open a discussion about sustainable, ethical developement of public sector procurement in the UK. The Round Table aims to lay the foundation for promoting fundamental change in approach and proccess and for creating a robust, sustainable, inclusive and ethical future framework aligned with the Government’s desire for greater representation from SME’s in its framework agreements and contracts.

The Round Table is a closed, invitation-only event for language industry associations and public sector organisations, organised in connection with the ATC’s Language Industry Summit on 19 Septmeber 2019.

New ISO Standards for Certification

This Autumn, the ATC ISO Certification Service will be adding four new standards to its service portfolio, to respond to an increased awareness of international interpreting standards both at client and supplier organisations, and to meet growing requirements for information and environmental responsibilities:

  • Interpreting Standard ISO 18841
  • Legal interpreting standard ISO 20228
  • IT standard ISO 27001
  • Environmental Standard ISO 14001

We look forward to telling you more in the coming few months! You can find out more about our ISO Certification Service here.

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