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UK language services industry in 2021

The ATC UK Language Industry Report 2021 gives you a snapshot of the state of the language services industry in the United Kingdom at a time when we collectively want to turn the page after the turbulent events of the past 18 months and look for inspiration and guidance from our peers and fellow industry professionals.


Key takeaways

These are the key takeaways from the 2021 report. Download the full report to read more!


  1. More than half of companies recorded positive growth
  2. The market for language services in the UK is growing
  3. Almost half of LSPs expressed concerns over Brexit
  4. Continental Europe is the strongest revenue generator for LSPs in the UK
  5. LSPs in the UK felt the impact of COVID-19
  6. Gross margins and prices remained stable
  7. Work-from-home is here to stay
  8. Is the UK a language technology hotbed?
  9. Creative industries are the #1 source of work for UK SMEs
  10. Global trends trickle down to the SME market in the UK




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