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The University of Birmingham, a world top 100 university and part of the prestigious Russel Group, is integrating the ATC Elia PM Training Course into its MA Translation Studies Degree from September 2023 on a three-year contract.

The on-demand ATC Elia PM Training Course comprises over 50 hours of training on language services project management, delivered by experienced language services industry professionals across Europe. At the University of Birmingham, the project management training course will be offered as an optional module to both on-campus and distance learning students studying for an MA degree in Translation Studies.

The ATC Elia PM Course includes videos, quizzes and practice tasks, with key industry themes split across three modules:

  • The Bigger Picture: comprehensive industry overview, trends and stakeholders
  • The LSP: inner workings of a language service company, its structures and functions
  • Project Management: the skills, tools and tasks a pro PM needs

Dr Sofia Malamatidou, Associate Professor in Translation Studies at the University of Birmingham, explains how the PM Course will complement the existing MA Translation Studies modules:

“This collaboration allows us to adopt a distinctive, exciting, and innovative approach to our MA provision by collaborating closely with industry experts and offering students the opportunity to interact with, understand, and influence the latest developments in the industry. Students will be significantly more equipped to join the professional world upon graduation and shape agendas in the language service provision industry, reflecting the future needs of employers.”

ATC CEO Raisa McNab and Elia Managing Director John Terninko are delighted about the collaboration:

“Project Management is one of the most exciting careers in the language services industry, and it’s fantastic to be able to offer this amazing training to students, introducing them to the industry and the skills they will need as a professional project manager.

Language service companies often employ newly graduated students, and being able to recruit people who have already gained relevant skills through the PM Training Course will make internal induction training a whole lot easier. The students themselves can significantly increase their employability through this course, and make themselves attractive to prospective employers.”


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