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Let’s ditch the hype on AI-enabled services


ChatGPT, Google’s AI chatbot Bard, human parity through NMT… It’s all about AI-enabled services.

But let’s ditch the hype, and talk about the real opportunities, potential threats, and practical implementation of AI-enabled services in the language space.

What can, should and could you do with AI-enabled services and solutions, to add value to your clients and stay relevant in the market?

Join us on 23 March online, for an expert panel and breakout discussions on AI-enabled services. Stay for ATC Tech Partner demos, raffles and networking.

Time and date: Thursday 23 March at 2-5 pm GMT

Place: Online via Remo networking platform



Hear it from the experts – and the small business challenger


AI is a great leveller: few of us are specialists in providing AI-enabled language services, regardless of the size of the company, or client market.

What exactly is happening in the industry and how are language service companies reacting to emerging AI-enabled services?

Hear it from the experts – and the small business challenger:

  • Laszlo K Varga, Senior Consultant and AI expert at Nimdzi Insights
  • Matt Train, Head of Solutions & Professional Services at Toppan Digital Language
  • Konstantin Dranch, Language Industry Researcher and Co-Founder of CustomMT
  • Helen Provart, Managing Director at Peak Translations and ATC Council Member co-opted for supporting small businesses



ATC Technology Partner Demo Day


After the AI panel and break-out discussions, we let loose the ATC’s Technology Partners, to showcase the latest in solutions that add value to your operations and your bottom line.

Don’t miss out on demos, discussions and great raffle prizes!

Tech Demos from:



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