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Happy Birthday, dear CCL!

Sarah Bawa Mason, the ATC’s Commercial Collaborations Lead, started in this ground-breaking new role a year ago, promoting the value of language services and creating pathways to business. How time flies!

In that time, Sarah has given us a more granular understanding of ATC membership in terms of geographical distribution and turnover, allowing us to tailor our campaigns in a meaningful way. Sarah has established three regional ‘hubs’ in the South East, South West and West Midlands regions and is currently working with member companies in the hub regions to run ‘languages for export’ events with ATC members, local business entities and DIT representatives.

The first of these events is a webinar scheduled for 9 May 2023, with Hampshire Chamber of Commerce hosting an expert panel on ‘How to Boost Export ROI through Translation’ involving ATC member companies from the area, with added intelligence on export issues from John Goldsbrough, International Trade Adviser with the Department for International Trade.

New year, new priorities?

In 2023, the ATC’s commercial collaborations shifts up a gear. Sarah’s engagement with business organisations will be complemented with a new strategic approach led by the ATC’s CEO Raisa McNab, broadening the ATC’s influence and creating opportunities for collaboration with client-side trade associations and their member companies in the UK.

This work will build on fantastic, on-going collaborations promoting ATC members’ services with MRS, the Market Research Society, and PIF, the Patient Information Forum.

To boost the ATC’s visibility and to open up further collaborations with client-side trade associations, in 2023 the ATC becomes a member of two leading trade federations:

  • CBI, the Confederation of British Industries
  • TAF, the Trade Association Forum

Early successes with CBI include an article published in the CBI’s Global Trade Hub, shared with its trade association members across the UK:

Beyond regional events and collaborations, Sarah and Raisa are also working on a set of resources to support member companies in reaching out to their local business communities. The first of these resources is a quick reference guide to business organisations, published as an ATC members-only resource very soon!

Spreading the love

The successful approach implemented with the first three ATC regions will be rolled out to a further three geographical areas over the summer, including the London region, home to almost 20% of ATC member companies. This region has a slightly different ecosystem to our other regions, so the approach may need some adaptation before it can be implemented.

Other obvious candidate regions are the North West, with 18 members, the Central Region, with 15 and the North East and Yorkshire, with 14.

So, watch your inboxes – Sarah will be in contact soon to arrange introductory meetings for later in the summer. She will outline the aims of the CCL role and quiz you on what you are already doing to promote your services with business and export entities before picking your brains for ideas on how you can work together in future.

If you would like to get involved in engaging your local business community with the ATC, get in touch with Sarah directly at and via LinkedIn.


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