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Welcome to the ATC-EUATC Ethical Business Summit!

Join us pre-conference drinks if you’re travelling to London already on 20 September.

Our main conference day is 21 September, with the Language Industry Awards Gala Dinner in the evening.

On 22 September, we continue the discussion in interactive workshops.

Ethical Business Summit 21 September 2023




Welcome & ATC-EUATC update


Ruth Partington, ATC Chair, Empower Translate
Heike Leinhäuser, EUATC President, Leinhäuser Language Services

Raisa McNab, ATC CEO
Sarah Bawa Mason, ATC Commercial Collaborations Lead
Geoffrey Bowden, EUATC General Secretary


Keynote: What is ethical, sustainable business?

What do we actually mean when we talk about ethical, sustainable business practices?

How can you harness sustainability to future-proof your company for growth? What role do diversity, inclusion and equity play in a sustainable business?

Business sustainability experts Claire & Garth Dallas, Dallas Consulting


Sustainable business case studies

Running an ethical business is about doing the right thing even when no-one’s looking. But sustainability is also about doing good for your business.

How are language service companies embracing sustainable business practices?

 Anja Jones, AJT
James Brown, Comtec Translations

AI and the hidden cost in sustainability

While companies worldwide are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprints, the race is on to secure an AI advantage. Capitalizing on generative AI, understanding how it can be used, implementing it in existing processes and benefiting from time and cost savings is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. But what about the impact generative AI has on the environment?

Laura Saunders-Calvert and Ian Parnell, RWS Trados


Networking lunch


EUATC keynote: Ethical, sustainable business from EU perspective


Christos Ellinides, Director-General of the European Commission Directorate-General for Translation


Ethical, sustainable business: a personal look back, sidewards and forward


Christl Schraut, European Investment Bank and International Criminal Court (retired)


Buyer panel: hear it from the clients

What role do ethical, sustainable business practices play with language service clients? How do corporate sustainability practices flow down to the supply chain, and how can language service companies work with buyer-side organisations to build long-term sustainable business practices?

Jamie Brown, what3words
Carmen Sanchez Navarro, Expedia & Women in Localization UK Chapter
John Devery, Crown Commercial Service – Language Services
Chris Piekoszewski, World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO

Keeping clear of scams

Every industry possesses a dark side. In the translation industry, it is scammers that cast the darkest of shadows. Scammers negatively impact language service providers, their clients and genuine, professional translators. Everyone associated with the translation industry could fall victim to the fraudulent activities of unscrupulous people looking to make a fast buck. How do you keep clear?

Kaori & James Myatt, Word Connection


Coffee break


UK Language Industry Report

What does the UK’s language services landscape look like in 2023, and how does it reflect on industry trends?

Gabriel Karandyšovský, Nimdzi Insights

Ruth Partington, ATC Chair, Empower Translate
Heike Leinhäuser, EUATC President, Leinhäuser Language Services
Steve Higgins, ATC Council Member, Travod / Traduno powered by Mondia Technologies

How Vendor Management in LBS Suite makes your business ethical

Technology is shaping sustainability and helps to apply efficient practices in project management. But what about vendor management? How to apply responsible strategies throughout your company, and discover better ways of managing your talents? Come and explore the Vendor Management module in LBS Suite.

Anna Kozubek, Language Business Solutions



Ethical Business Workshops 22 September 2023





Just do it: implementing sustainable practices at a small language service company

Put your new knowledge into use and work out how to implement ethical, sustainable business practices in your company, today.


Corinne Saynor Smith, ATC Vice-Chair, ITL Translations

Anja Jones, AJT

James Brown, Comtec Translations

Language professions workshop

Get stuck in and help shape a Europe-wide campaign to promote careers in languages. Figure out what you can do to build a sustainable future for language professions.

Inkaliisa Vihonen, Policy Officer, European Commission Directorate-General for Translation

John O’Shea, President, FIT Europe





Workshop continues

EUATC General Meeting

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