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ATC Networking Event – Leeds, 26 February 2019

Thank you to those who attended the ATC networking event in Leeds. We hope you will agree that our Brexit-inspired day was both interesting and informative, as this topic will continue to be high on everyone’s agenda.

We are grateful to our hosts at thebigword and hope you all enjoyed a visit to their inspiring training facility.  We have photographs from the event here together with slides from Louis MacWilliam’s presentation.  Should you have any further questions for Louis, please do not hesitate to email him. 

Our next networking event will be taking place on Thursday 11 July 2019 in Swansea.  Full details will be confirmed shortly.

The ATC is always looking at different ways in which to share its benefits, industry knowledge, standards and future developments, and we look forward to continuing this trend with your ongoing support.  If you would like to be kept informed about future events, please add your details to our mailing list here.

An active association that brings people together

The ATC is an active, forward-thinking association that thrives on continually raising standards, ensuring language services are properly represented and provided.  A key element of this endeavour is bringing members together regular to network through Open Council meetings, seminars and workshops.  This includes participating in professional development, discovering the most appropriate technologies to support the successful running of our businesses, and engaging our members in cutting edge debate, to form opinion and lead the way.

Social network

Networking for ATC members happens both on and offline.  There are social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; newsletters and other updates are regularly sent to members; the blogs on the website feature contributions members; the latest news and the ATC website itself, all provide an online network that is easy to access, quick to review and open to fresh, relevant contributions.  This digital network enables members to feel informed and involved with all that we do on your behalf.

Professional network

With regular events, seminars, workshops, our annual AGM, our Council Conventions and our annual flagship Language Industry Summit, the ATC works hard to deliver professional, high calibre training, development and educational opportunities, to suit members’ individual needs.

Business network

ATC members benefit hugely from regular contact with their industry peers.  Learning from other business owners, finding complementary LSPs with whom you can partner, enhancing your own commercial practices through recognising a better model, brings invaluable advantages to business that wouldn’t otherwise naturally happen.

Your network

Over the years, many members decide to get more involved in driving the ambitions and focus of the ATC, attending our AGM, being elected to Council, joining our committees.  If this next step is of interest, please find out more, get in touch here.

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