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European Language Industry Survey 2022

ATC Chair Ruth Partington is the director of the rapidly growing language service company Empower Translate, specialising in the market research industry:

For me, it’s absolutely clear that the UK’s language service companies still play a crucial role in the European market, and it’s crucial that our views are reflected in the European Language Industry Survey – because only by understanding the market out now can we really start scoping out the trends of tomorrow.

It’s vital to take part in ELIS 2022 because… without your voice, we can only create half a picture.


A whole new ELIS

What makes the ELIS Survey unique is collaboration across the industry.

Powered by the EUATC, GALA, Elia, FIT Europe, Women in Localization, the EC’s LIND and DGT, and the EMT network, it surveys language service companies, freelance translators and interpreters, internal language departments at European institutions, technology providers, and the academia.

This year, ELIS has a new shape. There are 20 quick and easy core questions on challenges, trends and opportunities, and further extension topics on business, technology, training, recruitment, and career progression.





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