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In 2018, the UK language services industry is at a crossroads. It is perfectly placed to provide global communication solutions to companies whose international trade and export activities will depend on high quality translation and interpreting more than ever, but the uncertainty around Brexit means that very little is visible or set in stone following the UK’s exit from the EU in March 2019.

Instead of producing an industry survey in 2018, the ATC will focus on rethinking and reformulating the survey content and format, to ensure its viability and usefulness through the changing times.

You can download the previous three years’ reports 2015-2017 for a special bundled price of £50 for ATC members and £100 for non-members!

Previous Reports

UK language services market 2017

The third annual research project offers key data about the translation and interpreting market in the UK…

UK language services market 2016

Our second report marks annual growth of the language sector at 2.5% per year, with an outlook of 4.2% for 2016…

UK language services market 2015

Our initial report with a market overview, on growth, large provider identification, benchmarking data, and pricing.

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