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Brexit and the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the UK and the EU have changed the landscape for language service providers in the UK.

New rules govern the cross-border provision of services, VAT, business travel, owning and managing companies, data protection, accounting, immigration and internships.

A new Post-Brexit Guide for Language Service Providers is aimed at UK-based language service companies and freelance linguists.

Created by ATC CEO Raisa McNab and industry expert Doug Lawrence, each section of the Guide has a short summary for the most important topics, relevant links to authoritative resources online, and considerations around implications of the new rules for language service providers. Further considerations and details are found in The Small Print section.

The Post-Brexit Guide for Language Service Providers has been produced by the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), in collaboration with the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

“Companies providing cross-border services have been largely forgotten in the rush to keep goods moving. Guidance to language service providers has at best been scant and at worst non-existent or misleading. It’s been a challenge at times to make sense of the new rules from the point of view of our industry, but we owe it to our members to interpret what’s out there, and I’m glad we’ve done it with the Institute of Translation and Interpreting,” says Raisa McNab.


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