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As of 2nd December, Bristol-based Insight translation agency RP Translate is changing trading name to EMPOWER Translate (Global) Ltd. Founded in 1997 by Ruth Partington (CEO), the agency has been growing and transforming steadily for over 20 years.

‘We conducted customer research in Q1 which reinforced for us that the company’s global impact had evolved far beyond its name,’ explained Partington. ‘Our language services and internal processes have become cutting-edge thanks to our drive for innovation. We are delighted to put a new name to that exciting – but familiar – face.’

The name EMPOWER was chosen to align with the company’s existing identity and mission: “To empower global researchers to generate accurate and actionable insights.”

The name change is expected to impact positively on the agency’s extensive network of Insight clients and freelance translators around the world.

More information can be found at:

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